Reacquiring or Reinstating a Driver’s Licence

Unpaid fines


If your driver's licence was suspended because you haven't paid one or more fines, you must pay them in full to be allowed to drive again.

What you should know

When you are served a statement of offence, you have 30 days to contest or pay the fine. If you do neither, the case is sent to the court, which will render a decision. If you are found guilty, the court will send you a notice indicating the payment deadline.

If you are having financial problems

You may enter into a payment agreement with the concerned bodies. If an agreement is accepted:

  • your licence will not be suspended as long as you respect your obligations
  • you will be allowed to sell, purchase or discard a vehicle without any obstacles to vehicle registration procedures

If you still don't pay

The court may notify us of that fact, and we will suspend your driver's licence until your debt has been entirely settled.

Please note that your vehicle's registration will also be suspended and you will be prohibited from registering another vehicle.

If we suspend your licence

We will send you a penalty notice by mail.

Your licence will be suspended as of the date indicated in the notice and you will no longer be authorized to drive.

Neither will you be allowed to sell or purchase a vehicle, or let someone drive a vehicle registered in your name for as long as you have not paid your fines and we have not lifted the suspension.

If you drive while your licence is under suspension

You face:

  • a fine of $600.00 to $2,000.00, plus legal and administrative costs
  • seizure and impoundment of the vehicle you are driving for 30 days. The vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner's expense

If you wait 3 years or longer to pay your fines

In addition to having to pay the fines and the cumulative late fees, you will also be required to retake the proficiency examinationsProficiency examinations allow the SAAQ to check the knowledge and skills of drivers. They include both knowledge and road tests and differ based on the class of driver's licence. They are almost always mandatory when an individual wants to obtain a licence for the first time. .

If you lend or rent a vehicle to another driver, take the necessary precautions!

It is best to check the validity of the licence of the person to whom you are about to entrust your vehicle. If that person's licence is revoked or suspended and he or she is pulled over, your vehicle will be seized and impounded on the spot for 30 days and at your expense.

Imprisonment… not an alternative solution

If it is proven that you refuse to pay your fines, you could receive a prison sentence and you will still have to pay your fines.

How do you recover your licence?

Simply by paying your fines:

Last update: May 13, 2022