Registering a Vehicle

Registering a Tractor or Other Farm Vehicle

You must first identify the vehicle used for the operation of your farm to find out the procedure for registering it with the SAAQ.

The following farm vehicles do not require to be registered:

  • farm tractorA tractor that is equipped with tires and is generally used for agricultural purposes, whether or not it is authorized for use on public roads. The tractor must belong to an individual or company that owns or leases a farm and whose principal occupation is farming, or that is a member of an association certified under the Farm Producers Act. that never travels on public roads
  • a garden tractor or lawnmower
  • farm machinery

What does not qualify as a farm tractor

Even if used for the operation of a farm, the following vehicles are not considered farm tractors and must be registered as tool vehicles:

  • loaders
  • skid-steer loaders
  • backhoe loaders
  • telescopic loaders

All-terrain vehicles (e.g. quads and multi-seat recreational off-highway vehicles [ROV], also known as side-by-side vehicles [SSV]) used for the operation of a farm must be registered under a V licence plate for off-road vehicles.

What type of vehicle do you want to register? ImportantUn tracteur de ferme qui ne circule jamais sur un chemin public, un tracteur ou une tondeuse de jardin et la machinerie agricole n'ont pas besoin d'être immatriculés.

Last update: May 13, 2022