Policy on Privacy

Security and Online Services

By using our online services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms of use and limits of liability.

We are committed to providing an online environment that is as secure as possible to allow you to carry out transactions with us.

Internet security

On our site, transactions carried out on secure servers are identified by an address beginning with “https://”, where s stands for “secure.” This means that the transaction is encrypted and secured by a technological protocol during data transfer. In addition, when you begin a secure transaction, the padlock symbol indicates that the transfer of the data provided is encrypted.

We have implemented extensive measures to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and have applied specific standards on our Web site. You must comply with these standards to ensure the protection of your personal information when you contact us over the Internet.

Our responsibilities in ensuring data security

We take the steps necessary to ensure the security and integrity of transactions carried out through our Web site. We do not send any personal information by unsecured email.

We use specially configured Web servers for all the transactions that we carry out with you. Firewalls are used to protect our Web servers from unauthorized access. Your personal information is not stored on these servers.

For the transmission of personal information, access to our servers is restricted to Web browsers that meet our encryption security standards. Our systems ensure that your personal and financial data is properly encrypted when in transit between your computer and our Web servers.

Your responsibilities in ensuring data security

We recommend that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your protection:

  • do not send any personal information by email, unless the connection is secure (https://)
  • use a Web browser that meets recognized security standards, including TLS 1.2
  • update your browser and operating system regularly by applying the corrective patches available on the market
  • use antivirus software on your computer or workstation and update it regularly
  • install a firewall
  • always close a session once you have completed your transactions
  • close all your browser's windows when you are finished using the Internet to erase any information that might be stored in a buffer
  • never disclose your password or access code. You are responsible for keeping your identification data confidential. The SAAQ cannot be held liable for unauthorized use of that data. Should the confidentiality of your identification data be compromised, notify us as soon as possible
  • never use a computer in a public place (Internet café, library, hotel) to carry out transactions
  • enable cookies in your browser to use the various online services that we offer. This use of cookies does not endanger your computer or your personal information. No cookie is placed permanently on your computer