Mechanical Inspection

The SAAQ has implemented various means to ensure that vehicles on Québec roads are in good mechanical condition.

What is a mechanical inspection?

A mechanical inspection is a visual inspection of a vehicle's main components by a road vehicle inspection agent authorized by the SAAQ. 

You must assume the cost of the inspection. Mechanical inspections are mandatory to obtain or retain the right to operate certain vehicles.

What are the limits of the inspection?

The mechanical inspection is limited to those components listed in the Road Vehicle Mechanical Inspection Guide (PDF, 7.9 Mo).

For a more in-depth assessment of the mechanical condition of your vehicle, it is recommended that you also have your mechanic carry out a mechanical inspection.

Before the inspection

You must make an appointment.

Make sure that your vehicle:

  • is not loaded
  • is free of dirt and any other substance (ice, grease, rust, etc.) that may prevent a complete visual inspection of all of the vehicle's components

Last update: May 16, 2022