Vehicle from Outside Québec

Before going to the SAAQ

Step 1 Before going to the SAAQ

To avoid unpleasant surprises

We recommend you do a background check on any used vehicle before buying it.

The vehicle might not meet provincial requirements, especially if it is different from those we typically see on the road. This could be the case for an antique vehicle, a vehicle modified outside Québec, a right-hand drive vehicle, etc. 

These websites can help you:

You can also check with Transport Canada to determine whether the vehicle can be imported into Canada.

Vehicle declared unrebuildable

If a vehicle is declared unrebuildable because it has been flooded, for example, it can never be put back on the road.

Mechanical inspection

A mechanical inspection must be carried out at a mechanical inspection centre to obtain a valid mechanical inspection certificate.

For more information on mechanical inspections, consult the Guide de vérification mécanique des véhicules routiers – Applicable à compter du 20 novembre 2016 (PDF, 8.5 Mo)This file does not meet the Web accessibility standard. (in French only). 

The vehicle cannot be registered if…

  • You have an unpaid fine for an offence under the Highway Safety Code or a municipal traffic or parking bylaw.
  • You have been convicted of a repeat offence for impaired driving or a hit-and-run.

Last update: May 16, 2022