Step 1 Procedure to discard a vehicle

You may discard your vehicle:

Make sure you have the vehicle's registration certificate on hand.

If you go to one of our service outlets, you must present your driver's licence or other official document with photo.

If the vehicle is sent to a scrap metal dealer or a recycler, or if you are donating it to a foundation

The scrap metal dealer, recycler or foundation will give you a receipt for you to keep. You will then have to discard the vehicle through our online services or by going to one of our service outlets. The vehicle will remain in your name and have a “discarded” status. 

The dealer-recycler will give you an attestation of transaction,  which you must present at one of our service outlets. The ownership of the vehicle will then be transferred to the dealer-recycler. 

If you cannot come to the service outlet yourself

The person who will discard the vehicle in your place must bring one of the following documents completed by you:


  • the vehicle registration payment notice with the “VEHICLE DISCARDED” box checked off

If the vehicle belongs to a business, the person acting on its behalf must bring one of the following documents:

  • the original copy of the document authorizing the person to act in that capacity


  • the vehicle registration payment notice with the “VEHICLE DISCARDED” box checked off

What do you do with the licence plate?
You must remove it from the vehicle. You can destroy it so that nobody can use it or keep it for up to 3 years to register a vehicle that requires a licence plate of the same category. Please note that you are responsible for the licence plate issued to you by the SAAQ and that it remains under your name.

What do you do with your proof that the vehicle was discarded?
Keep it. This is the new registration certificate you have been issued, marked “Mise au rancart” (discarded vehicle).

What do you do if your licence plate is lost or stolen?
You must report the lost or stolen licence plate to the SAAQ. For more information on the procedure to follow, refer to the Replacing a Licence Plate or Registration Certificate web page.