Vehicle Storage, Licensing for Road Use or Discarding

Vehicle Discarding


A vehicle is discarded when the owner no longer wishes to use it, most often after it has become unusable. Vehicle discarding is carried out through the SAAQ.

When a vehicle can no longer be used, as is the case for certain accident- or flood-damaged vehicles, or after a major breakdown that is too expensive to repair, it is best to discard the vehicle and cancel the registration.

Discarding a vehicle therefore means getting rid of it.

Discarding a vehicle is prohibited if:

  • you have an unpaid fine and your driver's licence has been suspended
  • the vehicle has been seized and impounded, e.g. because you were served a statement of offence for driving without a licence or for driving with a revoked licence
  • an impoundment period is still in effect
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Dates to discard a motorcycle or snowmobile

To be entitled to a partial reimbursement of the registration fees, you must discard:

  • a motorcycle no later than September 30
  • a snowmobile no later than March 31

1 Procedure to discard a vehicle

You may discard your vehicle:

Make sure you have the vehicle's registration certificate on hand.

If you go to one of our service outlets, you must present your driver's licence or other official document with photo.

If the vehicle is sent to a scrap metal dealer or a recycler, or if you are donating it to a foundation

The scrap metal dealer, recycler or foundation will give you an Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant form, which you must present at one of our service outlets to transfer ownership of the vehicle.

If you cannot come to the service outlet yourself

The person who will discard the vehicle in your place must bring one of the following documents completed by you:

If the vehicle belongs to a business, the person acting on its behalf must bring:

  • the original copy of the document authorizing the person to act in that capacity


  • the Payment Notice – Vehicle Registration form, with the “VEHICLE DISCARDED” box checked off
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What do you do with the licence plate?
You can remove it from the vehicle and destroy it so that nobody can use it, or keep it for up to 3 years to register a vehicle that requires a licence plate of the same category.

What do you do with your proof that the vehicle was discarded?
Keep it. This is the new registration certificate you have been issued, marked “Mise au rancart” (discarded vehicle).

2 Reimbursement

If you are entitled to a reimbursement of the registration fees, the amount is based on the date on which the vehicle was discarded.

Registration fees are reimbursed either:

  • by cheque
  • by adjusting the amounts of the pre-authorized debits, if applicable
  • on the debit card, if the person who is discarding the vehicle is present
  • by issuing a credit note

3 Licensing a discarded vehicle for road use

The vehicle must undergo a mandatory mechanical inspection. If the vehicle passes the inspection, you will be given a valid mechanical inspection certificate, which you must present during the transaction.