Severely damaged and rebuilt vehicle

Technical appraisal

When the rebuilding record is complete, you must make an appointment at a mechanical inspection centre.

On the day of the appraisal, you must present the rebuilding record. The appraisal is at your own expense.

Make sure that…

  • Any structural repairs to the rebuilt vehicle comply with the manufacturer’s requirements (refer to the page on full-body sectioning (clipping) of a vehicle and repairs to structural members (in French only))
  • The vehicle's assembly points are accessible and clearly visible for inspection—if they are not clearly visible, photos of the assembly points must be provided
  • No sealant, soundproofing or rustproofing compound has been applied to the underside of the vehicle; otherwise, the vehicle may be refused

The requirements for replacing the following safety equipment are as follows:

    • All safety equipment must be replaced according to manufacturer specifications.
    • Recycled airbags from the recycling program approved by the SAAQ may be used. At this time, airbags from the driver’s side and passenger side as well as seat airbags can be recycled through the program. 
    • Other airbags must be new, in compliance with regulations.
    • For the command module, the rebuilder has three options:
      • Have it replaced by a new module.
      •  Have the dealership reprogram the vehicle’s original module, as long as its manufacturer authorizes the deletion of the codes generated when the airbag deployed.
      • Have the vehicle’s original module reprogrammed by a business recognized by the SAAQ.
    • The rebuilder must fill out the appropriate boxes in the Demande de certification d’un véhicule reconstruit form (in French only) concerning airbags and pretensioners. The rebuilder must also include their serial number or the VIN of their original vehicle if they are used. Invoices for these parts must be submitted at the time of the technical appraisal. 

If the vehicle meets technical requirements

The mechanical inspection centre will issue you a technical compliance certificate if the rebuilt vehicle meets the SAAQ’s requirements.

If the vehicle does not meet technical requirements

It must undergo another technical appraisal as soon as you have made the required corrections.

Last update: May 16, 2022