Registering a Vehicle

Calculating the Number of Axles

The registration fee for a truck, truck tractor or farm vehicle weighing more than 3,000 kg is calculated based on the number of axles on the vehicle and the trailer it pulls.

How to count axles

Look at the vehicle and its trailer from the side. Count one axle for each wheel you see (a double wheel counts as a single wheel).

You must also count the steering axle, auxiliary lift axle and removable axleA supplementary axle or combination of axles that can be added to the axles already attached to a motor vehicle or trailer, or be used to temporarily to convert an object which is not essentially a road vehicle into a road vehicle..

A maximum of 6 axles is counted for calculating the registration fee.

Types of vehicles Number of axles

Truck with 2 axles


Truck with 3 axles


Truck with 4 axles


Combination of road vehicles with 3 axles


Combination of road vehicles with 4 axles


Combination of road vehicles with 5 axles


Combination of road vehicles with 5 axles


Combination of road vehicles with 6 or more axles


Combination of road vehicles with six or more axles

6 or more

For a truck and a single-wheeled trailer

If the trailer has 2 or more axles, count a single axle if the distance between the centre points of the outermost axles is less than 1 metre.

One axle.

If the trailer has 3 axles, count only 2 axles if the distance between the centre points of the outermost axles is 1 m or more but less than 2.4 m.

Two axles.

Vehicles for which the axles are not counted

  • A trailer or semi-trailer with a cargo space less than 4 m long
  • A trailerA road vehicle that is designed to be pulled by another vehicle, whether or not it maintains a horizontal position without outside support. transporting exclusively a road vehicle authorized to operate on a public road (such as a construction site house trailer), other than a stored or discarded vehicle or a vehicle registered with a V licence plate
  • A low-bed semi-trailer transporting tool vehiclesA road vehicle, other than a vehicle mounted on a truck chassis, designed to perform a task and having a workstation integrated into the cab. A truck chassis is a frame fitted with the mechanical components found on a vehicle made for the transportation of passengers, freight or equipment. registered with an F licence plate or transporting a farm tractorA tractor equipped with tires that is usually used for farm purposes, may or may not be authorized for road use and belongs to a person or corporation that owns or leases a farm and has farming as its primary occupation or is a member of an association certified under the Farm Producers Act. registered with a C licence plate
  • A tool trailer (such as a compressor, shredder or construction site tow trailer) used to transport the equipment, tools or furnishings with which it is equipped
  • A trailer used for personal purposes by an individual
  • A camping trailer or tent trailer