Taxi owner's permit

Before registering a taxi that provides limousine or "de grand luxe" limousine services, you must hold a specialized taxi permit issued by the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ).

The CTQ will check whether the vehicle meets the required standards for the transportation of passengers by taxi. Otherwise, you cannot obtain a specialized taxi permit.

Mechanical inspection

If the limousine taxi is used, the most recent mechanical inspection must have been performed within the past 12 months. You must present a valid mechanical inspection certificate when you register your vehicle.

If the vehicle purchased is used but was not used as a taxi in the past, it must undergo its first mechanical inspection.

The vehicle cannot be registered…

If the buyer or the seller has an unpaid fine for an offence under the Highway Safety Code or under a municipal traffic or parking bylaw.

To check whether the vehicle can be registered, you can use our online service. You will be charged a fee for this service.