Registering a Vehicle

Costs and payment

Payment options

At our service outlets, we accept payment:

  • in cash
  • by Interac (debit card)—not available in some service outlets
  • by cheque or money order

Payment by credit card is not accepted.

Payment of the GST and QST

Whether the vehicle is new or used, you must pay the GST and QST if you buy it from a dealership.

If the vehicle is purchased from an individual, you are only required to pay the QST.

The vehicle registration fee will be higher if…

The vehicle is considered a luxury vehicle. This is the case when the vehicle meets all 3 of the following criteria:

  • it is worth more than $40,000
  • it has a net weight of 3,000 kg or less
  • it is less than 7 years old

Where this is the case, an additional registration fee—equal to 1% of the vehicle's value exceeding $40,000—must be paid.

Certain vehicles, such as motor homes, are exempt from the additional registration fee.

Last update: June  1, 2023