Step 2 When you register your snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle

Documents required

The buyer and the seller must present their driver's licence or another official photo ID document.

The seller must also bring the vehicle registration certificate. If the seller doesn’t have one, he or she must call us before going to a service outlet.

If you are under age 18

You must also present the Consent of a Person Having Parental Authority (PDF, 103 KB) form completed by your father, mother or legal guardian.

If you do not have a driver's licence

Call us to find out what documents you need to bring to register your snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle.

If you cannot go in person

The person registering the vehicle on your behalf will need to provide the original Power of Attorney (PDF, 157 KB) form completed by you.

If the vehicle is from outside Québec

A vehicle from outside Québec is considered to be an imported vehicle, which means there are other documents you will have to provide so that we can verify whether the vehicle can be used in Québec. Refer to the Registering a vehicle from outside Québec section for more information.