Registering a Vehicle

High-Risk Motorcycles

Certain motorcycles belong to a category with an accident rate that is higher than that of other categories. Because of this, insurance contributions for these high-risk motorcycles are higher.

Characteristics of a high-risk motorcycle

The high-risk motorcycle category designates motorcycles that are designed for performance and recognized as such by manufacturers and specialists (journalists, authors, etc.). 

They have the following visual and technical characteristics:

  • streamlined fairing to improve aerodynamics, covering the sides of the engine, with a low windshield
  • a crouched-forward driving position
  • low, short handlebars
  • foot pegs placed higher up and farther back
  • a muffler placed at the rear and angled upward
  • 2 disc brakes in front and 1 disc brake in the back
  • a chain-driven rear wheel
  • a power to weight ratio of over 0.5 hp/kg
  • no centre stand
  • an oversize frame
  • a lifted passenger seat

A motorcycle does not need to have all of the above-listed visual and technical characteristics in order to be in the high-risk motorcycle category.

Official list of high-risk motorcycles

Every year, the official list of high-risk motorcycles (PDF, 725 KB) is published in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

The registration costs for motorcycles that appear on this list are higher.

Provisional list of high-risk motorcycles

During the year, we publish a provisional list of high-risk motorcycles that are subsequently added to the official list.

Each new motorcycle model marketed in Canada that could potentially be in the high-risk motorcycle category is analyzed based on information from manufacturers, trial results and reviews from specialists around the world. If our analysis shows that the model falls into the high-risk category, it will be placed on the provisional list as soon as the first unit is insured in Canada, at which point, the information required for the list (make, model and the first ten characters of its vehicle identification number [VIN]) becomes available. Each new model is subsequently added to the official list, the updated version of which requires annual regulatory amendments. 

The asterisks appearing in the first column mark the space taken by the ninth character in the identification number.

WB10D600*H BMW S1000RR 2017
JH2SC776*H HONDA CBR1000RR SP 2017
JH2SC772*H HONDA CBR1000RRA 2017
WB105090*G BMW K1300S 2016
WB105090*E BMW K1300S 2014
ZCGFAFVW*9 MV AGUSTA F4 RR 312 1078 2009

Imported Motorcycles

Regardless of their model year, motorcycles with the characteristics of high-risk motorcycles that have never been marketed in Canada will be placed on the provisional list once they are imported to Canada. They will subsequently be added to the official list.