Registering a Vehicle

When you register your tool vehicle

Step 2 When you register your tool vehicle

Documents required

The buyer and the seller–or their representatives–must present their driver's licence or another official photo ID document.

If the tool vehicle is new

The buyer must present the Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant form given by the dealer.

If the tool vehicle is used

The documents you must present when you register your tool vehicle are different depending on the person or business from which you bought it. In any case, you must indicate the vehicle's odometer reading.

Bought from a dealership Bought from an individualBought from a business or a self-employed worker registered for the GST and QSTA business or self-employed worker that is registered for and collects the GST and QST. For more information, phone Revenu Québec.
  • The Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant form
  • The registration certificate signed by the former owner and the dealer
  • No additional documents required
  • The sales contract between the buyer and the business or self-employed worker

If the person registering the vehicle does not have a driver's licence

Phone us to find out what documents to bring when registering the tool vehicle.

If none of the business's directors can come to the service outlet in person

The person registering the vehicle will have to present the original copy of a document authorizing that person to act on its behalf.

If the vehicle comes from outside Québec

A vehicle from outside Québec is considered to be an imported vehicle, which means there are other documents the buyer will have to provide so that we can verify whether the vehicle can be used in Québec. Refer to Registering a vehicle from outside Québec section for more information.

Last update: May 16, 2022