Registering a Vehicle

Registration at an SAAQ service outlet

Step 3 Registration at an SAAQ service outlet

You must go to one of our service outlets shortly after the delivery of the vehicle to register it in your name.

Documents required by the SAAQ

  • Your driver's licence or another official photo ID document
  • AND
  • If the vehicle is new:
    • the forms entitled Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant and Description du véhicule neuf, provided by the dealer
  • If the vehicle is used:
    • the form entitled Attestation de transaction avec un commerçant
    • AND
    • the registration certificate signed by the former owner and the dealer

If you are under age 18

You must also bring:

If you do not have a driver's licence

Phone us to find out what documents you must bring with you when registering your vehicle.

If you cannot go in person

The person registering the vehicle on your behalf will need to provide:

If the vehicle is from outside Québec

A vehicle from outside Québec is considered to be an imported vehicle, which means there are other documents you will have to provide so that we can verify whether the vehicle can be used in Québec. Refer to the Registering a vehicle from outside Québec section for more information.

If the vehicle is a military-type vehicle

If you wish to operate your military-type vehicle on the entire road network and it was not registered prior to August 22, 2019, you must bring the engineer’s declaration form entitled Déclaration de l’ingénieur (PDF, 115.7 ko) (in French only). You must also bring a valid certificate from mechanical inspection carried out after the engineer gave a favourable assessment.

Last update: May 13, 2022