Mechanical Inspection

Raised dump body light and sound warning system

The amendments to the Highway Safety Code include provisions requiring new equipment for all trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers with a dump body.

The Highway Safety Code provision requiring this equipment provides for the adoption of a regulation specifying the date this requirement will come into effect, the vehicles covered by this requirement, and the technical specifications, such as the sound level, where the warning light is to be placed and how rapidly the light must flash. Offenders face a fine of $350 to $1,050.

The first version of the regulation was pre-published in August 2018, and the comments received are still being examined. Amendments to the regulation may be required. It is therefore too early to begin modifying vehicles with a dump body.

Next steps

Once the final version of the regulation has been adopted by the Conseil des ministres, information will be made available and sent to subscribers of the French-language newsletter Le Relayeur. Owners and operators will then be able to carry out the necessary modifications.

To find out more, read the document Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dump Body Safety Devices (PDF, 217 KB)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards.. This document is regularly updated further to questions of interpretation that are sent to us.