Taxis and Limousines

Taxi or Limousine Owners



The Act respecting remunerated passenger transportation by automobile will come into force on October 10, 2020. Until then, the Act respecting transportation services by taxi and its attendant regulations remain in effect.

Between now and October 10, 2020, we will contact taxi owners to inform them of the procedure to follow in order to continue their activities. If you have any questions regarding your registration, contact our call centre by phoning 1‑800‑361‑7620.

For more information, visit the page entitled Modernisation de l’industrie du taxi (in French only) on Transport Québec’s website.

To operate a taxi or a limousine, you must hold an owner's permit, register your vehicle and have it undergo mechanical inspections.

Taxi owner's permit

The taxi owner's permit (also known as a “pocket number”) is issued by the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ).

The permit authorizes its holder to:

  • operate one taxi to provide commercial passenger transportation services
  • operate the taxi personally or entrust its operation to a driver

Taxi owner's permit specialization

A CTQ permit specialization is required to provide the following transportation services:

  • limousine
  • “de grand luxe” (luxury) limousine
  • accompaniment of users of the health care network

Authorized territories

Taxi owner permits in each territory are administered by the CTQ, except in the case of the territory of the city of Montréal, where they are controlled by the Bureau du taxi de Montréal (BTM).

Taxi owner's permit renewal and transfer

For information about the procedure to follow, visit the CTQ website.

Change of name or address

Holders of a taxi owner's permit must notify the following bodies of any change of name or address, in writing or in person, within 30 days:

  • CTQ
  • SAAQ
  • BTM, for the territory of the city of Montréal

Registering a taxi or a limousine

Mechanical inspection

All taxis and limousines are required to undergo a mechanical inspection every year, except if the vehicle is also used to transport school children, in which case the mechanical inspection must be carried out every 6 months. To have your taxi or limousine undergo a mechanical inspection, you must schedule an appointment with a road vehicle inspection agent.

If the vehicle is found to be compliant, the road vehicle inspection agent will affix an inspection sticker on the vehicle. If the vehicle is not compliant, the necessary repairs will have to be made.