Owners and Operators

Operators' Responsibilities Toward Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Operators must make sure that drivers meet all the obligations related to using and driving a heavy vehicle.

Checking the driver's licence

Operators must make sure the driver of a heavy vehicleVehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 4,500 kg or more, as indicated on the compliance label.:

Heavy vehicle driver conduct record

We keep a conduct record on every driver of a heavy vehicle registered in Québec.

The information in the conduct record of heavy vehicle drivers is contained in 2 documents

  1. Monitoring of Heavy Vehicle Driver Conduct: provides details of any events related to the actions of a heavy vehicle driver in the exercise of his or her duties by listing the conduct areasA set of events grouped together based on their nature and used as a basis for the ongoing conduct review of heavy vehicle drivers. and their respective threshold values. Only the driver can request this document.
  2. Information Concerning the Driver's Record: provides a general overview of a driver's record (all types of vehicles combined). It includes a section that summarizes any events related to driving a heavy vehicle registered in Québec. With the authorization of the driver concerned, the owner or operator may request this document.

Other responsibilities of operators

Operators are required to maintain and keep a record on every driver whose services they use.

Operators must also make sure that every driver whose services they use complies with:

  • traffic rules
  • the rules concerning driving and off-duty time
  • requirements concerning driving a vehicle transporting dangerous substances. For example, the driver :
    • must have completed the appropriate training
    • must hold the valid training certificate
    • must not travel in tunnels with dangerous substances
  • the provisions of the Criminal Code
  • the rules concerning pre-trip inspections
  • load securement standards
  • load and size limits
  • the rules concerning special travel permits

Last update: May 17, 2022