Owners and Operators

Bulk Trucking Register

Heavy vehicle operators registered in the Registre du camionnage en vrac (bulk trucking register) may renew or transfer their registration by contacting the Commission des transports du Québec.

The bulk trucking register

The register is maintained and updated by the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ). Registrants may bid on calls for tender and benefit from a preferential hiring clause for bulk trucking services carried out under contract with the Ministère des Transports and various other public bodies.

New registrations

The CTQ no longer authorizes any new registrations in the bulk trucking register.

To remain registered

Operators are required to:

  • be subscribed with the holder of a bulk trucking services brokerage permit issued by the CTQ
  • be registered in the register of owners and operators of heavy vehicles
  • pay the annual fees
  • maintain their principal establishment in the region in which they operate

Visit the CTQ Web site for information about the procedure.

Transferring registration from one person to another

The CTQ can transfer a registration in the bulk trucking register from one person to another, under certain conditions.

Visit the CTQ Web site for information about the procedure.

Last update: May 17, 2022