Heavy Vehicles

Mandatory Periodic Mechanical Inspection

All owners are required to have their road vehicles undergo a complete mechanical inspection every 6 or 12 months, depending on the type of vehicle, in order to obtain an inspection sticker confirming the vehicle's safety.

Compliance sticker that is valid for 6 or 12 months. The period covered is punched out.

In brief

The mandatory periodic mechanical inspection is an effective way of ensuring that vehicles remain safe at all times for all road users. 

Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

Road vehicle owners may have their preventative maintenance program recognized in order to be exempted from mandatory periodic mechanical inspections.

Vehicles covered by mandatory mechanical inspections

The following road vehicles must undergo mechanical inspections at least once a year (every 12 months):

  • Taxis or vehicles comparable to a taxi whose odometer readings are 80,000 km or more (regardless of the vehicle’s age) or taxis or vehicles comparable to a taxi that are 4 to 7 years old. The mechanical inspection of these vehicles must be carried out every 12 months or 60,000 km.
  • Motorcycles and scooters used by a driving school (including motorcycles and scooters registered for off-road use)
  • Emergency vehicles, with the exception of buses and minibuses recognized by the SAAQ as emergency vehicles, which are required to undergo a mechanical inspection every 6 months
  • Vehicles with a GVWR of 4,500 kg or more 
  • Tow trucks with a GVWR of less than 4,500 kg. 

The following road vehicles must undergo mechanical inspections at least once every 6 months):

  • Taxis or vehicles comparable to a taxi that are 8 to 10 years old
  • Vehicles used by a driving school, other than motorcycles and scooters
  • Vehicles used to transport school children
  • Buses and minibuses

Important! The mechanical inspection must be carried out, even if the vehicle has undergone mandatory mechanical maintenance.

We notify owners of the deadline by which they must carry out the mandatory periodic mechanical inspection.

Vehicles exempt from mandatory inspections

  • Combinations of road vehicles where each vehicle that is part of the combination has a GVWR of less than 4,500 kg 
  • Tool vehicles
  • Farm tractors
  • Farm machinery
  • Construction trailers
  • Detachable axles
  • Vehicles with a net mass of 4,000 kg or less that originally had an open truck box and a tailgate and that are registered as passenger vehicles within the meaning of the Regulation respecting road vehicle registration
  • Sport utility vehicles with a net mass of 4,000 kg or less
  • Motor homes
  • House trailers
  • Farm trailers

Where must the mandatory mechanical inspection be carried out?

You have to make an appointment at one of our mechanical inspection centres to have the mechanical inspection carried out by an authorized mechanic.

For the mechanical inspection, the vehicle must be unloaded and free of any dirt or obstructions that could hamper the proper inspection of all components.

If the vehicle is compliant: inspection sticker

If all the vehicle's components are compliant, an inspection sticker is affixed to the vehicle.

If a defect is found: mandatory repairs

If a defect is found, the owner must have all the necessary repairs made to obtain the inspection sticker.

Minor defect

In the case of a minor defect, a 48-hour deadline is granted to have the repairs made and obtain the inspection sticker. Past that deadline, the vehicle may not be operated.

Major defect

In the case of a major defect, the vehicle is immediately prohibited from road use. The vehicle must be repaired and given an inspection sticker before being authorized for road use.

Last update: May 17, 2022