Woman 1: Ay!

Woman 2: Hi!

Woman 1: Bad news.

Woman 2: What?

Woman 1: I called the store, the lamp has been sold.

Woman 2: You’re kidding!

Woman 1: No!

Woman 2: What a drag.

Woman 1: I know, it was perfect.

Woman 2 : Yeah

Woman 1 : Got another gift idea?

Man: A nice tea set.

Woman 1: Uuhhh…

Woman 2: Excuse me, who are you?

Man: The driver of the truck.

Woman 2: What truck?

Man: The truck you’ll hit in a second.

Announcer: Don’t let an accident interrupt your conversation.

SFX: tic-tic-tic (cell phone keyboard)

Announcer: Don’t text and drive.

A message from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec