In the Event of a Death

Processing the claim and decision

The time required to process a claim for death benefits is variable. It depends on when the necessary documents are received and how long it takes to analyze them.

The compensation officer in charge of processing your claim will contact you. The officer will also send you the decision in writing.

If your death benefit claim is granted, the compensation officer will indicate in the letter sent to you the amount you will receive.

If your death benefits claim is denied and you do not understand the reason for the decision, phone your compensation officer for more information. If you are still unsatisfied, you have the right to contest the decision.

Direct deposit of the death benefit

The SAAQ can deposit the death benefit directly in your bank account. If you choose this option, complete section 18 – Direct Deposit of the form and remember to enclose a cheque marked “VOID.”

Last update: January 25, 2022