In the Event of a Death

Amount of death benefits and lump sum to cover funeral expenses

Step 2 Amount of death benefits and lump sum to cover funeral expenses

Death benefit paid to the spouse

The spouse will receive an indemnity calculated based on the deceased victim’s gross annual income. Refer to the compensation table (PDF, 186.7 ko) for the amount of this indemnity.

Death benefit paid to dependants

The children of the deceased are entitled to receive a death benefit for dependantsA dependant may be a minor child or a child of full age, provided the deceased was providing for more than 50% of the child’s needs at the time of death.. The benefit is calculated based on their age at the time of their parent's death.

If the deceased had no spouse, the children are entitled to receive—in addition to the death benefit for dependants—the amount of the death benefit that would otherwise have been payable to the spouse.

Dependants other than the spouse, if disabled at the time of the deceased's death, will receive an additional benefit.


We pay a lump-sum benefit: 

  • to the parents or guardians, if the deceased was a minor
  • to the succession (i.e., the estate), if the deceased was of full age, upon proof that the succession has been accepted

Compensation for diminished quality of life

This compensation can be granted for mental suffering, pain and diminished quality of life suffered by the deceased only if his or her death occurred more than 24 hours after the accident.

The amount of the compensation for diminished quality of life is calculated based on the severity of the injuries.

Psychological support

To help you cope with your loss, we can reimburse you for up to 15 hours of psychological counselling. Please note that the professional must be a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec for expenses to be covered.

To qualify for psychological support, you must be granted a death benefit.

Reimbursement of certain expenses

If your loved one was hospitalized before his or her death and you remained by his or her side at the doctor's request, we can reimburse you for travel and living expenses.

We can also pay you a daily allowance for accompanying your loved one before his or her death.

Lump-sum amount for funeral expenses

A lump-sum amount is awarded to the succession (estate) for funeral expenses upon proof that the succession has been accepted.

Last update: August 29, 2022