Values and Commitments

To carry out its mission fully, the SAAQ builds on essential values and is committed to providing quality services.

Concrete values at the heart of our mission

Protecting people against the risks inherent to road use, this is our primary mission.

To carry out this mission fully, we build on these values:

  • respect
  • collaboration
  • commitment
  • openness
  • rigour

Commitments focused on the client

We are committed to facilitating access to our services and serving you with courtesy, accuracy and consideration. This commitment is at the heart of our Service Statement.

Practices designed to ensure the confidentiality of information

In accordance with the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information and our own commitments, we protect the confidentiality of the information provided to us, and we allow such information to be disclosed only for purposes prescribed by the Act.

Public results, a concern for transparency

The results of our activities, particularly those related to the Service Statement, are published each year in the annual report.

In accordance with the Public Administration Act, our annual reports are tabled in the National Assembly of Québec. These reports contain, among other things, financial statements and the results concerning our commitments to providing services.

Last update: September 28, 2023