Sustainable Development

The SAAQ is a forward-looking, committed organization that incorporates the principles of sustainable development in all its fields of activity.

Sustainable development: a part of our DNA

At the SAAQ, we recognize the impact of our decisions on society, the public and the environment. Improving our practices and promoting road safety, these are areas where sustainable development takes on its full meaning.

In road safety, the SAAQ is going green!

By encouraging responsible behaviour on the road and promoting ecodrivingEcodriving is a technique that reduces fuel consumption and premature wear of parts, such as brakes or tires, regardless of the vehicle being driven., we improve the road safety record and, in turn, lessen the social and economic consequences of traffic accidents in Québec.

At the SAAQ, we are working to reduce:

  • the number of accidents and their social consequences
  • health care and compensation costs and their economic consequences
  • fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (GGEs) and their consequences for the environment

Protect the present, ensure our future

Protect the present, ensure our future logo

This slogan perfectly reflects our outlook. It defines the scope of action for sustainable development and demonstrates our organization's commitment to work for the well-being of present-day Quebecers and future generations.

Protecting the present means…

  • Maintaining a fair and equitable insurance plan
  • Promoting road safety and responsible behaviour, including sharing the road
  • Adopting preventive management for the health and safety of the our employees
  • Reducing the environmental repercussions of our activities

Ensuring our future means…

  • Guaranteeing that future generations have access to an equitable public insurance plan
  • Making sure that responsible behaviour leads to tangible results on the road
  • Making our employees aware of the importance of working within a framework of sustainable development

In our daily practices, we are reducing our ecological footprint

At the SAAQ, we have taken the initiative to:

  • build the first LEEDLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified public building
  • adopt a responsible procurement approach
  • optimize the printing of paper documents
  • organize activities, train employees and promote awareness among our partners by targeting specific themes
  • create partnerships with social economy organizations
  • efficiently manage our waste and our outdated equipment
  • encourage our employees to use public and active transport

Our sustainable development action plan (PDF, 2.4 Mo) (in French only) provides a detailed description our policies, objectives and actions.

Last update: October 28, 2022