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Other Vehicles – Vehicle Registration

Step 5 Other Vehicles – Vehicle Registration

Vehicle categoryClassificationContribution for 2020Contribution for 2021DifferenceNumber of renewals
BusCity bus (ATUQ members)$1 978.31$2 000.07$21.764,000
School bus$167.22$169.06$1.8411,000
Other10,000 kg and under198.74200.932.194,000
Over 10,000 kg1 138.241 150.7612.521,000
TruckTruck. other than a truck owned by the government or a government body2 axles$103.57$104.71$1.1464,000
3 or 4 axles$179.29$181.26$1.9745,000
5 or more axles$373.91$378.02$4.1154,000
Truck owned by the government or a recognized government body; farm vehicle over 3,000 kg2 axles$83.99$84.91$0.922,000
3 or 4 axles$118.99$120.30$1.313,000
5 or more axles$182.42$184.43$2.012,000
Restricted-area useOther than a motorcycle$17.98$18.18$0.203,000
Moped/motorized scooter$235.10$237.69$2.5933,000
Vehicle operated under a territorial licenceOther than a passenger vehicle$65.52$66.24$0.722,000
Dealer plate$121.59$122.93$1.3421,000
Taxi and vehicles comparable to taxis$819.61*$0.00*$0.008,700
Farm tractor$8.06$8.57$0.51164,000
Commercial vehicle (F plate)Other than a farm vehicle$76.33$77.17$0.84563,000
Farm vehicle 3,000 kg and under$73.10$73.90$0.8020,000

For taxis and vehicles comparable to taxis, the insurance contribution ended on October 10, 2020, and will resume in 2022.

Last update: July 21, 2021