Rates and Fines

Motorcycles – Driver's Licence (Classes 5 and 6)

Insurance Contributions for Holders of Both a Motorcycle and a Passenger Vehicle Driver's Licence

LicenceContribution for 2020Contribution for 2021DifferenceNumber of licence holders
Driver’s licence and probationary licence
With no demerit points$122.61$123.96$1.35375,000
1 to 3 demerit points$204.31$206.56$2.2595,000
4 to 6 demerit points$252.89$255.67$2.7829,000
7 to 9 demerit points$282.46$285.57$3.118,000
10 to 14 demerit points$289.95$293.14$3.194,000
15 or more demerit points$472.00$477.19$5.191,000

Last update: July 21, 2021