Promotion of Services

Goodbye (storage)

The “Goodbye (Storage)” campaign aims to let SAAQ customers know that vehicle storage services are available online and inform them of the many advantages.

Radio ads

Ad broadcast on traditional and digital English-language radio stations from October 6 to November 13, 2022

Social media and web banners

Variations on the campaign theme “Goodbye (storage)” from October 6 to December 9, 2022 online and on social media

A man is sobbing and clutching the bumper of his convertible in an underground parking garage where he is storing it. His wife has one hand on the car cover and the other on his shoulder trying to console him. The overprint reads “Saying goodbye is already hard enough. Do it quickly with the online vehicle storage service.”


A young girl is hugging her dog with a sad look on her face. The overprint on the dog reads “my car” and on the girl it reads “me having to store it.”

Meme divided into two sections. On the left is a rock with two googly eyes stuck on it. The overprint reads “Going to an SAAQ waiting room.” On the right is a photo of Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. The overprint reads “Storing my vehicle online.”

In print

Variations on the campaign theme “Goodbye (storage)” on October 15 in all daily and weekly regional newspapers across Québec.

Last update: April  4, 2023