2016-2020 strategic plan

The SAAQ’s 2016-2020 strategic plan offers its entire team and all its partners an ambitious yet realistic challenge for the next five years. It is intended to get the SAAQ to where it wants to be in 2020.

The SAAQ’s strategic planning process is based on best practices. The senior executives and Management Committee consulted executives, and the Board of Directors was involved in the process from start to approval. The SAAQ also consulted its partners.

The SAAQ’s clients are at the heart of its strategic directions.

The strategic plan focuses on two key concerns that define the purpose of the SAAQ’s existence:

  • Improvement of the road safety record
  • Client satisfaction

Expected outcomes

In 2020, the SAAQ will be recognized as an effective and innovative public insurer:

With an improved road safety record

  • 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants
  • 16.3 serious injuries per 100,000 inhabitants
  • 80% of Quebecers understand the connection between their behaviour and the amount of their insurance contribution
  • 55% success rate in identifying at-risk drivers
  • 69% compliance with respect to the transportation of goods
  • 81% compliance with respect to the transportation of passengers

With client satisfaction based on an enhanced client experience and a successful transformation

  • 8.5/10 customer satisfaction rate
  • 29% use of online services for licence and vehicle registration operations
  • Quality services at a lower cost

Thanks to its team’s commitment and expertise

  • 81% team mobilization
  • 75% of employees believe they have the expertise needed to do their job