The SAAQ reports all its results each year in its annual report.

Key figures from 2017

Road safety record

  • More drivers, an increase of 0.7%
  • More vehicles, an increase of 2.1%
  • 474 fewer accident victims, a decrease of 1.3%

Successful first public consultation

  • 3,500 suggestions for improving road safety

Clients still satisfied

  • 82% of Quebecers consider that the SAAQ offers quality services
  • 8.6/10 client satisfaction rating for the second consecutive year
  • 17% reduction in complaints since 2015, a historic record

Positive financial results

Automobile insurance plan

  • $566 million surplus
  • 138% funding ratio
  • $15 million more in insurance coverage
  • No increase in insurance coverage planned for 2019-2021 for the vast majority of clients

Driver’s licence and vehicle registration

  • $46.4 million reduction in the accumulated deficit over five years, with no cost increases for our clients

A committed and engaged team

  • 82% mobilization rate, 4 points higher than the best employers’ average
  • 94% retention rate

80% of Quebecers believe that the SAAQ inspires confidence