Each year, the SAAQ presents its full results in its annual report.



5 years of results!

  • 35% decrease in the number of accident victims on Québec roads
  • Innovation as key to our road safety actions
  • A customer satisfaction rating stable at 8.5/10 despite the pandemic
  • Online services that meet expectations with a 42% increase in the number of operations
  • A team engagement rate of 88%, a new high
  • The automobile insurance plan: a model that benefits all Quebecers
    • More than $20 million to upgrade insurance coverage
    • $1.182 billion decrease in insurance contributions
    • Capital surplus rebates: $270 million already distributed, with $1.158 billion announced
    • Insurance contributions that are the lowest in Canada
  • 80% of Quebecers consider that the SAAQ inspires confidence

For detailed results, see the SAAQ’s 2020 annual report (PDF, 2.5 Mo)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (in French only).


Last update: October 21, 2021