Road Safety Record

Between 2015 and 2016, there was a drop in the number of deaths and serious injuries on Québec’s roads. The 2016 road safety record is the second best in Québec since 1946.

The annual road safety record presents the number of victims involved in traffic accidents on Québec roads over the 6 previous years. It includes detailed statistics based on the types of injuries sustained and the following categories:

  • type of road user
  • age group
  • region

2016 road safety record

The Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, Mr. Laurent Lessard, and the President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAAQ, Ms. Nathalie Tremblay, have released Québec’s road safety record for 2016, which shows that:

  • 351 people were killed on Québec roads – 11 fewer than in 2015, a 3% decrease
  • the number of fatalities among accident victims aged 15 to 24 decreased by 12.7%
  • 63 pedestrians were killed, which represents a 40% increase in comparison with 2015. This figure represents an 8.6% increase when compared to the 2011-2015 average
  • 8 cyclists were killed, which is one less than in 2015
  • there were 54 motorcyclist fatalities, 4 more than in 2015
  • the number of deaths resulting from accidents involving a heavy vehicle was 14.8% lower than that of 2015

Bilan routier 2016 (PDF, 396 KB) (2016 road safety record – in French only)

Annexes du bilan routier 2016 (PDF, 1.9 MB) (in French only)

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