Road Safety Record

The annual road safety record presents the number of victims involved in traffic accidents on Québec roads over the 6 previous years. It includes detailed statistics based on the types of injuries sustained, the types of road user, age groups and regions.

2019 Road Safety Record

There was a significant drop in the number of people killed or injured in traffic accidents on Québec roads in 2019 when compared to 2018. The numbers for 2019 highlight the fact that, while it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve the road safety record, it is still possible to make progress.

Here are the record’s main points:

  • 333 people were killed on Québec roads, which is 22 fewer than in 2018; this represents a 3.6% decrease when compared to the 2014-2018 average. The number of deaths:
    • among people aged 15 to 24 decreased by 6.4% over 2018
    • among motorcyclists decreased by 4.1% over 2018
    • among pedestrians increased by 1.4% over 2018
    • resulting from accidents involving a heavy vehicle decreased by 1.2% over 2018
  • 1,334 people were seriously injured, which is 101 fewer than in 2018; this represents an 11.7% decrease when compared to the 2014-2018 average.
  • 33,403 people were slightly injured, which is 335 fewer than in 2018; this represents a 4.4% decrease when compared to the 2014-2018 average.

To learn more, see the 2019 road safety record (PDF, 598 KB) (in French only) and the appendices to the 2019 road safety record (PDF, 315 KB) (in French only).

Interactive Map

Explore the statistics from the 2019 road safety record on a geographic map.


Preliminary statistics on Québec road accidents that have been compiled from the start of 2020 are presented in the partial 2020 road safety record (PDF, 69 KB)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (in French only).


Last update: May  6, 2021