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In accordance with the SAAQ’s language policy, publications intended for SAAQ employees and Québec businesses are only available in French. For a complete list of all our publications, please refer to the French version of this page.

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Carefree travel
Carefree Travel (PDF - 532 Ko) (20 pages) (PDF, 531.6 ko) C-5420-A

Intended as a reference tool, this publication lists the precautions you should take before travelling outside Québec if you plan on using a vehicle. It also provides useful tips on what you should do in the event of an accident. 

Conduct Review Policy for Heavy Vehicle Drivers (PDF - 1 Mo) (76 pages) (PDF, 1.2 Mo) C-6804-A

This policy governs how heavy vehicle driver records are kept and sets out the SAAQ's conduct review and intervention procedures.

Duty time
Driving and off-duty time for Heavy Vehicle Drivers (PDF - 2 Mo) (63 pages) (PDF, 2.1 Mo) C-4646-A

Driving and off-duty time for heavy vehicle drivers. Tired drivers pose a risk to themselves and to other road users. The rules about driving, on-duty and off-duty time help limit fatigue among heavy vehicle drivers.

Health driver
Health in the Driver's Seat (PDF - 6 Mo) (16 pages) (PDF, 6.4 Mo) C-5004-A

Driving an automobile is a complex task with many requirements. Some of those requirements are a good understanding of highway safety rules, road signs and traffic signals and the ability to handle vehicle controls easily. Good physical and mental health are essential in order to keep your driving privilege. If there is a possible risk, you may be endangering yourself and other road users.

Prospective heavy vehicle driver
Prospective Heavy Vehicle Driver (PDF - 850 Ko) (28 pages) (PDF, 849.8 ko) C-6141-A

This publication sets out the requirements that must be satisfied for the issue of a driver's licence bearing class 1, 2 or 3, taking prospective heavy vehicle drivers through the steps. Aside from new heavy vehicle drivers, this brochure is intended for holders of a driver's licence bearing class 3 who want to obtain class 1 or 2 authorization, and for those who hold class 2 and want to be allowed to drive vehicles covered by class 1.

Prospect moto
Prospective Motorcycle Operator (PDF - 860 Ko) (27 pages) (PDF, 859.5 ko) C-6490-A

Since operating a motorcycle has particular demands, it is very important that riders acquire the knowledge and skills required for handling this type of vehicle. With a view to ensuring better learning, the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec reinstated the obligation for all prospective motorcycle licence holders (classes 6A, 6B and 6C) to take a driving school's theory and practical course. You are urged to read this brochure attentively to find out how to get a driver's licence for a motorcycle.

Safety program
Road Safety Education Program (PDF - 2 Mo) (28 pages) (PDF, 2.0 Mo) C-5250-A

The Québec government decided to reinstate a mandatory driving course in order to get a driver's licence for a passenger vehicle. The content of the driving course has changed as a result, becoming the new Road Safety Education Program.

Secure life
Secure Them for Life - Child Safety Seats (PDF - 23 Mo) (12 pages) (PDF, 23.1 Mo) C-6421-A

From infant seats to seat belts, everything you need to know to ensure your child's safety!

Service statement
Service Statement (PDF - 366 Ko) (8 pages) (PDF, 366.1 ko) C-6582-A

The new Service Statement sets out the SAAQ’s commitments and its promises to the population.

Speeding fines
Speeding - Fines and Demerit Points (PDF - 925 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 925.4 ko) C-5245-2-A

Drivers convicted of excessive speeding offences receive much stiffer penalties. Fines and demerit points for excessive speeding are based on the difference between the speed recorded by a peace officer and the posted speed limit where the offence was committed. This document is only available in an electronic format.

Wheelloss risk
Wheel Loss - A Risk No One Can Run! (PDF - 12 Mo) (25 pages) (PDF, 11.5 Mo) C-6247-A

This manual is intended to raise the awareness of heavy vehicle owners, professional wheel installers, drivers and maintenance staff about the importance of proper wheel installation and securing for safe travel.

Wheelloss bearing
Wheel Loss Due to Faulty Bearings (PDF - 6 Mo) (32 pages) (PDF, 6.5 Mo) C-6248-A

This guide is intended to raise the awareness of heavy vehicle drivers and maintenance staff about the problems caused by defective bearings. Faulty bearings have been known to cause wheel separation, resulting in fatal or serious accidents.