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Alcohol ignition interlock device
Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (PDF - 225 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 224.1 ko) C-6652-A

To be authorized to drive a vehicle equipped with an alcohol ignition interlock device, you must hold a restricted licence or a licence with Condition I or Condition X.

At Night – Adapt Your Driving
At Night – Adapt Your Driving (PDF - 469 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 229.5 ko) C-6614-2-A

Leaflet presenting behaviours to adopt when driving at night, as well as penalties that may apply

Table death benefits
Compensation Table (PDF - 187 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 186.7 ko) C-6651-A

Compensation Table shows the maximum amounts payable by the SAAQ in connection with an automobile accident.

Criminal record check for authorized drivers (PDF - 339 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 339.4 ko) C-6715-A

This folder explains the steps to follow to have your criminal record checked in order to obtain or renew an authorized driver’s permit.

Crossing the street safely (PDF - 250 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 250.5 ko) C-6733-A

Document intended for seniors reminding them of best practices for crossing the street

Demerit points
Demerit Points – Driver's Licence (PDF - 543 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 543.4 ko) C-6491-A

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec enters demerit points on the record of drivers who commit certain offences under the Highway Safety Code. Demerit points are entered on a driver's record following conviction of an offence or, its equivalent, payment of the fine, once the Société has the judgment in its possession or been advised of the fact by the court.

Demerit points penalty
Demerit Points – Penalty (PDF - 364 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 364.2 ko) C-6053-A

Highway Safety Code offences lead to the entry of demerit points on the driving record of drivers at fault. A penalty is one of the consequences imposed on driver's licence holders who have reached or exceeded the number of demerit points set for the bracket that applies to them. Consult this document to find out how to get a new driver's licence at the end of a penalty period.

Destroying Your Old Plate (PDF - 68 Ko) (PDF, 67.9 ko) C-6718

Remember to return your damaged or defective plate by mail.

Don't Fall for Stories (PDF - 399 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 398.6 ko) C-5177-A

Before leasing or buying a used motor vehicle, it would be wise to obtain a copy of the vehicle's record, its real history.

Driver Fatigue – Drive Well Rested (PDF - 670 Ko) (16 pages) (PDF, 670.1 ko) C-6058-A

Like alcohol and speeding, fatigue causes devastation on our roads. Find out ways to prevent fatigue, and learn how to recognize the warning signs.

Driver’s licence classes (PDF - 3 Mo) (1 page) (PDF, 2.6 Mo) C-6725-A

This document discloses the necessary classes of driver's licence depending on the type of road vehicle.

Duty time checklist
Driving and off-duty time for Heavy Vehicle Drivers - Fact Sheet (PDF - 1 Mo) (9 pages) (PDF, 1.4 Mo) C-4554-A

The Regulation respecting hours of driving and off-duty time for heavy vehicle drivers is designed to prevent tired drivers from getting behind the wheel, and thereby reduce the risk of accidents.

Driving in Quebec – Appointment to determine whether you can obtain a driver’s licence (PDF - 469 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 1.0 Mo) C-6709-A

This document is intended for new residents and explains how to make an appointment to check whether they qualify for a Québec driver's licence.

Educational Games – Halloween Safety Rules (PDF - 5 Mo) (2 pages) (PDF, 5.1 Mo) C-6597-A

Two educational games to teach children about Halloween safety rules.

Unfarourable decision
Have you received a unfavourable medical decision concerning your driver’s licence? (PDF - 925 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 925.1 ko) C-6126-A

If you are not satisfied with this decision, you can ask for a review at the SAAQor challenge the decision before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec. If you believe that you can prove that your are capable of driving safely despite your illness or handicap, you can also request that the SAAQ render a new decision under its discretionary power. This document is available in electronic format only.

Heavy Vehicle blind spots (PDF - 2 Mo) (PDF, 2.2 Mo) C-5490-A

Around any vehicle, certain areas cannot be seen by the driver in the rear-view mirrors or through the windows. These are called blind spots. This folder presents different issues surrounding this topic: main heavy vehicle blind spots, risks at intersections, advice for those who find themselves near a heavy vehicle, and tips for heavy vehicle drivers.