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Demerit points
Demerit Points – Driver's Licence (PDF - 543 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 543.4 ko) C-6491-A

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec enters demerit points on the record of drivers who commit certain offences under the Highway Safety Code. Demerit points are entered on a driver's record following conviction of an offence or, its equivalent, payment of the fine, once the Société has the judgment in its possession or been advised of the fact by the court.

Demerit points penalty
Demerit Points – Penalty (PDF - 364 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 364.2 ko) C-6053-A

Highway Safety Code offences lead to the entry of demerit points on the driving record of drivers at fault. A penalty is one of the consequences imposed on driver's licence holders who have reached or exceeded the number of demerit points set for the bracket that applies to them. Consult this document to find out how to get a new driver's licence at the end of a penalty period.

Driver’s licence classes (PDF - 3 Mo) (1 page) (PDF, 2.6 Mo) C-6725-A

This document discloses the necessary classes of driver's licence depending on the type of road vehicle.

Driving quebec
Driving a vehicle in Québec (PDF - 359 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 359.0 ko) C-5303-A

Non-residents visiting Québec may drive a road vehicle in Québec for 6 consecutive months without being the holder of a Québec driver's licence. However, they must meet certain conditions.

Unfarourable decision
Have you received a unfavourable medical decision concerning your driver’s licence? (PDF - 925 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 925.1 ko) C-6126-A

If you are not satisfied with this decision, you can ask for a review at the SAAQor challenge the decision before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec. If you believe that you can prove that your are capable of driving safely despite your illness or handicap, you can also request that the SAAQ render a new decision under its discretionary power. This document is available in electronic format only.

Pay your fines
Pay your fines to keep your driving and operating privileges (PDF - 285 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 284.9 ko) C-5212-A

Paying traffic fines is a responsibility intertwined with the privileges of driving and operating a motor vehicle. Once the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec is notified by the collecting entity of a fine imposed for an offence under the Highway Safety Code or a municipal traffic or parking bylaw that has not been paid, these privileges are withdrawn until the debt is settled.

Presentation of Québec driver's licences (PDF - 304 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 303.6 ko) C-4772-3-A

Each information field on licences issued by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec is numbered. The same numbers are used on all the various types of licences (driver's licence, probationary licence, learner's licence and restricted licence). The definition of the holder's licence classes, conditions and endorsements appear on the back of the licence.

Prospect moped
Prospective Moped or Scooter Operator (PDF - 2 Mo) (6 pages) (PDF, 2.0 Mo) C-6115-A

Since May 2, 2010, passing the Road Safety Education Program – Operating a Moped or Motorized Scooter driving course has been mandatory to obtain a licence to drive a moped or scooter (Class 6D). This new folder introduces the course and explains how to get and keep a driver's licence. It also includes a sample family contract to be signed by the prospective driver and a parent or legal guardian, setting the rules for each party and specifying their respective expectations and responsibilities.

Prospect threewheeled
Prospective Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Driver (Class 6E) (PDF - 1 Mo) (2 pages) (PDF, 1.4 Mo) C-5361-A

This document presents the requirements to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle in Québec as of April 1, 2010.

Drive minibus
To drive a minibus (PDF - 285 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 284.8 ko) C-5304-A

To be allowed to drive a minibus or a bus equipped to carry no more than 24 passengers, you must hold a Class 4B or higher (1, 2, 3 or 4A) driver's licence. To be allowed to drive a bus used to carry schoolchildren, the driver must hold a certificate of competence.

To drive a taxi (PDF - 199 Ko) (PDF, 199.1 ko) C-6724-A

To drive a taxi, you must hold both a licence and a permit. Furthermore, you cannot have been found guilty of a criminal offence within the previous 5 years.

Was your licence suspended for 30, 60 or 90 days (PDF - 2 Mo) (6 pages) (PDF, 1.7 Mo) C-6716-A

This folder indicates whether you can apply for a review and sets out the steps to follow if your licence or your right to obtain one has been suspended for 30, 60 or 90 days.