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Driver Fatigue - Fatigue management guide (PDF - 425 Ko) (12 pages) (PDF, 425.4 ko)This file does not meet the Web accessibility standard. C-6705-A

Like alcohol and speeding, fatigue causes devastation on our roads. Find out ways to prevent fatigue, and learn how to recognize the warning signs.

Safe cycling
Safe Cycling Guide 9th Edition (PDF - 1 Mo) (24 pages) (PDF, 1.2 Mo) C-6474-A

Practical advice to make bicycle riding safe and enjoyable: items to check before setting out, Highway Safety Code requirements, sharing the road, road signs and traffic signals, helmet use. This edition includes information on the most recent amendments to the Highway Safety Code with respect to the use of pedestrian lights by cyclists. The new edition also features recommendations on cycling with children.

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