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Criminal record check for authorized drivers (PDF - 339 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 339.4 ko) C-6715-A

This folder explains the steps to follow to have your criminal record checked in order to obtain or renew an authorized driver’s permit.

Duty time checklist
Driving and off-duty time for Heavy Vehicle Drivers - Fact Sheet (PDF - 230 Ko) (9 pages) (PDF, 230.3 ko) C-4554-A

The Regulation respecting hours of driving and off-duty time for heavy vehicle drivers is designed to prevent tired drivers from getting behind the wheel, and thereby reduce the risk of accidents.

Medical Assessment to drive in the United States (PDF - 463 Ko) (3 pages) (PDF, 463.5 ko) C-5095-A

Do you want to drive a vehicle in the United States that requires a class 1, 2, 3 or 4B driver's licence? Under an agreement between Canada and the United States, you may drive these vehicles if your medical condition meets the standards.

To drive a taxi (PDF - 199 Ko) (PDF, 199.1 ko) C-6724-A

To drive a taxi, you must hold both a licence and a permit. Furthermore, you cannot have been found guilty of a criminal offence within the previous 5 years.