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Vehicle driver
Prospective Passenger Vehicle Driver (PDF - 732 Ko) (28 pages) (PDF, 732.4 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. C-6479-A

Gradual access to the driving privilege is intended to foster a reduction in traffic offences and the number of young drivers involved in accidents. Graduated licensing applies to all new drivers of a passenger vehicle (class 5 licence). You are urged to read this brochure attentively to find out how to get a driver's licence for a passenger vehicle.

Protect those who protect you, obey the move-over law
Protect those who protect you (PDF - 171 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 171.2 ko) C-6103-5-A

When an emergency vehicle, a tow truck or a surveillance vehicle is stopped in a traffic lane or on the shoulder of the road and its flashing lights or arrow light signals are activated, drivers must “move over” in order to create a buffer lane. This leaflet explains the main manoeuvres to execute in order to do so.

Medical questionnaire
Questionnaire to complete before taking a driving course (PDF - 237 Ko) (1 page) (PDF, 237.4 ko) 6080A-45

Regardless of the class of the driver's licence you wish to obtain, the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec might be unable to issue you a learner's licence due to a medical condition you may have. Before registering for a course, complete the following questionnaire to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Recognizing and preventing risks when riding a motorcycle (PDF - 937 Ko) (4 pages) (PDF, 937.5 ko) C-6179-A

To enjoy riding a motorcycle safely, it is important to be aware of the associated risks and manage them appropriately. Everything is a question of attitude, behaviour, knowledge and skill. Here are seven tips to ensure your safety.

Refresher course (PDF - 303 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 303.1 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. C-6772-A

The SAAQ is offering to reimburse course fees to motorcyclists who take a refresher course as part of an evaluation program.

Safety program
Road Safety Education Program (PDF - 2 Mo) (28 pages) (PDF, 2.0 Mo) C-5250-A

The Québec government decided to reinstate a mandatory driving course in order to get a driver's licence for a passenger vehicle. The content of the driving course has changed as a result, becoming the new Road Safety Education Program.

All ages
Road Safety is for All Ages (PDF - 960 Ko) (36 pages) (PDF, 959.7 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. C-5489-A

Because of changing demographics in Québec, seniors make up an increasingly greater proportion of our population. The main purpose of this brochure is to raise your awareness regarding certain situations that you may face as a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist. The SAAQ also hopes that this document will help you assess your own habits and behaviour, and thereby help you find solutions to the difficulties you experience as a road user.

Road Vehicle Mechanical Inspection Guide
Road Vehicle Mechanical Inspection Guide (PDF - 10 Mo) (154 pages) (PDF, 9.6 Mo)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. C-6056-A

This guide sets forth the inspection procedures and standards applicable to most vehicles. Designed as a quick reference tool for mechanics and carrier enforcement officers, it describes mechanical inspection procedures as well as the minor and major defects most likely to be encountered.

Flyer Road Work Zones – Adapt Your Driving
Road Work Zones – Adapt Your Driving (PDF - 154 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 154.3 ko) C-6614-A

Leaflet presenting behaviours to adopt in road work zones, as well as penalties that may apply

Safe cycling
Safe Cycling Guide 9th Edition (PDF - 1 Mo) (24 pages) (PDF, 1.2 Mo) C-6474-A

Practical advice to make bicycle riding safe and enjoyable: items to check before setting out, Highway Safety Code requirements, sharing the road, road signs and traffic signals, helmet use. This edition includes information on the most recent amendments to the Highway Safety Code with respect to the use of pedestrian lights by cyclists. The new edition also features recommendations on cycling with children.

Sam and Bloop Run into Trouble N/D


Transportation Keeping Children Safe
School bus transport, a shared responsibility (PDF - 982 Ko) (6 pages) (PDF, 982.3 ko) C-6046-A

No one, however, is provided with magic protection from accidents, which is the very reason each must assume a share of responsability for keeping risk to a minimum.

Seat belt quiz
Seat Belt Quiz (PDF - 127 Ko) (2 pages) (PDF, 127.2 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. C-5488-3-A

Seat belts are the best possible protection for the occupants of a vehicle. Can you tell the difference between facts and myths regarding seat belts? Take the quiz!

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