The SAAQ offers most of its publications free of charge. However, some publications are sold through Les Publications du Québec.

In accordance with the SAAQ’s language policy, publications intended for SAAQ employees and Québec businesses are only available in French. For a complete list of all our publications, please refer to the French version of this page.

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Impaired Driving Quiz (PDF - 326 ko) (2 pages) C-6467-A

Do you know that driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication is dangerous for all road users, and could have severe legal and social consequences? Take the quiz!

Protect those who protect you, obey the move-over law
Protect those who protect you (PDF - 171 ko) (2 pages) C-6103-5-A

When an emergency vehicle, a tow truck or a surveillance vehicle is stopped in a traffic lane or on the shoulder of the road and its flashing lights or arrow light signals are activated, drivers must “move over” in order to create a buffer lane. This leaflet explains the main manoeuvres to execute in order to do so.

Seat belt quiz
Seat Belt Quiz (PDF - 127 ko) (2 pages) Ce fichier n'est pas conforme au norme d'accessibilité C-5488-3-A

Seat belts are the best possible protection for the occupants of a vehicle. Can you tell the difference between facts and myths regarding seat belts? Take the quiz!

Why Slow Down on the Road? (PDF - 129 ko) (2 pages) C-6173-A

This leaflet on speeding talks about braking distance and how drivers should behave near schools and playgrounds, in urban areas and in roadwork zones. It also lists the various penalties that apply if you are caught speeding or if your speed is not adapted to driving conditions. These penalties include fines, demerit points, the suspension of your driver’s licence and the seizure and impoundment of your vehicle.