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In accordance with the SAAQ’s language policy, publications intended for SAAQ employees and Québec businesses are only available in French. For a complete list of all our publications, please refer to the French version of this page.

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Destroying Your Old Plate (PDF - 68 ko) (1 page) C-6718

Remember to return your damaged or defective plate by mail.

Don't Fall for Stories (PDF - 399 ko) (4 pages) C-5177-A

Before leasing or buying a used motor vehicle, it would be wise to obtain a copy of the vehicle's record, its real history.

Penalty offenders
Prohibition drom putting into operation, acquiring, renting, leasing, registering and storing a road vehicle. (PDF - 214 ko) (5 pages) C-5265-A

This penalty targets certain repeat offenders and multiple repeat offenders with regard to alcohol-impaired driving and failure to stop at the scene of an accident or while being pursued by police. The penalty prohibits these offenders from putting into operation, acquiring, renting, leasing and registering road vehicles.

There are now several easy and convenient ways to pay!
There are now several easy and convenient ways to pay! (PDF - 1 Mo) (2 pages) Ce fichier n'est pas conforme au norme d'accessibilité c-6131-a

Many ways to pay for you driver’s licence and registration certificate.