Educational Material for Elementary School Students

The SAAQ offers teaching tools to teachers, police forces as well as other professionals who work with youth in order to raise awareness among elementary school students about safe behaviour on the road.


The SAAQ offers tools to teachers and parents to help them teach children about Halloween safety rules.

On the Road of Dragons

On the Road of Dragons is a cartoon accompanied by a teaching guide on pedestrian and school bus safety. 

It is the perfect activity to raise awareness among kindergartners and Cycle One elementary school students about the dangers of the road, especially as they travel between home and school.

The educational material includes:

  • a cartoon, divided into two parts:
    • the first part focuses on pedestrian safety
    • the second part deals with school bus safety
  • a downloadable teaching guide (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Useful information

To order the cartoon, write to us.

Educational approach

The various safety concepts shown in On the Road of Dragons are presented by an activity leader, who is obviously overwhelmed by the skills of Jeremy and Julie, the two children who are accompanying him.


In the cartoon, the dragon symbolizes the dangers children must watch out for when walking. In the first part, Jeremy, a 7-year-old boy, accompanies the host and puts safe pedestrian behaviour into practice. Then Julie, a girl of the same age, takes her turn with the host to guide us through school transportation.

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The cartoon includes pauses that are designed to allow the activity leader to:

  • discuss the situations presented with the children
  • remind them about the safe behaviours they should adopt

Teaching guide

The guide includes:

  • structured guidelines for the activity leader
  • questions for the children, to stimulate discussion
  • additional activities related to the cartoon
Useful information

The cartoon and teaching guide are not copyrighted, so they can be copied as many times as required for educational purposes.


Video excerpt showing the cartoon being played in front of a group of students (in French only)

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Intended for children aged from 2 to 5 and their parents, Baladine encourages children to be proud of their car seats and informs parents about the proper way to use them. 

The educational material, which is available in French only, includes:

Useful information

To order the DVD, write to us

Teaching Guide

The guide contains:

  • a teaching scenario  
  • a discussion guide for the activity leader 
  • the song lyrics

Cartoon on DVD

The cartoon is a music video in which Baladine and her friend Prudent sing and dance to their song called “Clique deux fois.”

Sticker Booklet

The booklet is intended for the parents of children aged from 2 to 5 and contains the “Clique deux fois” song lyrics and stickers depicting Baladine and Prudent. 

Colouring Book

The book contains pictures of Baladine and Prudent to be coloured in. 

Memory Game

The memory game includes 8 different pictures in colour and in black and white. Playing instructions are also provided. 


The poster shows Baladine and Prudent, who are presenting the song “Clique deux fois.”

Baladine and Prudent perform Clique deux fois!

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Child safety in cars is the number one priority for Baladine and Prudent. Here they dance and sing in a music video entitled Baladine et Prudent présentent Clique deux fois!

Transcript :

School Safety Patrol

Thousands of young volunteer students are trained to ensure the safety of their classmates! Youngsters between 5 and 12 years of age are vulnerable because they have difficulty assessing the speed and distance of vehicles.

Goal of the school safety patrol

The safety patrol program aims to encourage school children to exercise caution… on the road, in the school yard or around school, or when riding the school bus.

Useful information

The school safety patrol: since the 1920s!

The concept of the school safety patrol was developed in the 1920s by CAA-Québec. The patrol then continued its mission in Québec elementary schools in partnership with the SAAQ.

Recruiting young patrollers

Young patrollers are recruited from the 6th grade and trained on safe practices by the person in charge at their school. Patrollers are like the big brothers and sisters of the other school children.

Schools can create up to 3 types of safety patroller:

  • pedestrian safety patrollers
  • school bus safety patrollers
  • school patrollers
Useful information

For more information on how to implement the school safety patrol program at your school, contact CAA-Québec's road safety department:

1 800 463-7232 (Québec: 418 624-2424), extension 2227

Les énigmes de Génivélo (in French only)

Certain rules must be obeyed when it comes to cycling; it is not a just a game. This is the lesson young cyclists aged 7 to 12 will learn with the Les énigmes de Génivélo kit.

Les énigmes de Génivélo: 5 topics and 5 puzzles

The Génivélo kit explores 5 topics related to road safety rules to obey and proper behaviour to practise, and includes just as many puzzles to solve.

  • Road signs and traffic signals – Le devoir de Yan
  • Visibility… for cyclists as well as motorists – Catherine, l'apprentie mécano
  • Wearing a helmet – Fragile comme un œuf!
  • Traffic rules – Le jeu des vrais ou faux de Karine
  • Hand signals – Le parcours de Guillaume

The final puzzle, Où va Alexandre?, goes over all the rules and behaviours covered in the previous puzzles. It targets young people aged 10 to 12.

Contents of the Génivélo kit

PowerPoint presentation on Genivélo's puzzles

The PowerPoint presentation complements the Génivélo cartoon.
Download the PowerPoint presentation (PPTX, 2.8 MB)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards.
(in French only)
Download the PDF presentation (PDF, 1.3 MB)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (in French only)

Teaching guide

The guide goes with the PowerPoint presentation. It provides details about Génivélo's puzzles as well as ideas for additional activities.
Download the guide (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Puzzle booklet for use by children

Children can write down their answers to the puzzles in the booklet and then give it to their parents so they can help them learn about cycling.
To order
Download the puzzle booklet (PDF, 752 KB)

Génivélo handbook for use by children

The handbook reminds children about the importance of always following bicycle safety rules.
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Download the handbook (PDF, 981 KB)

Une journée à vélo (in French only)

Feel like organizing a bike day for young people between the ages of 10 and 14? The Guide d’organisation d’une randonnée à vélo avec des jeunes (Guide to Organizing a Bike Tour with Young People – in French only) will help you plan a successful day.

Guide to Organizing a Bike Tour with Young People

The Guide d’organisation d’une randonnée à vélo avec des jeunes (PDF, 950 KB) (Guide to Organizing a Bike Tour with Young People – in French only) was specifically designed for teachers, physical educators and recreation instructors.

The guide lists:

  • the principal steps to planning a bike tour
  • safe practices
  • tips from specialists to organize a short bike tour (one day or less)
  • preparations with regard to:
    • equipment
    • roadside repairs
    • food

Use the Carnet du participant (participant notebook) included with the guide to encourage your students to take part in organizing the bike tour.