Educational Material for CEGEP Students

In CEGEP, the SAAQ shows up in your philosophy class to talk to you about… road safety!

The Philosophie et sécurité routière program (in French only)

Blending certain philosophical currents with… road safety? Why not!

With the Philosophie et sécurité routière program, we get young drivers to think about and voice a more detailed opinion on their behaviour at the wheel.

Subjectivism, hedonism, libertarianism and humanism are all schools of thought discussed in the CEGEP ethics and politics course. By studying and using these 4 schools of thought, students will develop a philosophical approach to thinking about their driving.

The Philosophie et sécurité routière document can no longer be viewed or ordered, as an assessment of the program is underway.

The Philosophie et sécurité routière program was prepared in conjunction with a group of philosophy teachers and developed in keeping with the educational objectives of the ethics and politics course. The program is recognized by the philosophy teachers' committee (Comité des enseignantes et enseignants de philosophie).

Last update: July 21, 2021