Awareness Campaigns

Move-Over Law 2019

“Move-Over Law – Adapt Your Driving.”

This awareness campaign aims to increase safety of first responders when they are working by the side of the road. The campaign is directed at all drivers and seeks to remind them that it is crucial to obey the Move-Over Law in the presence of an emergency vehicle, tow truck, or surveillance vehicle that is stopped on the shoulder or in a traffic lane.

Obeying the Move-Over Law—It’s Mandatory

Failing to comply with the Move-Over Law, whether on a highway, rural road or city street, can lead to a fine of $200 to $300 and 4 demerit points on the driver’s record.


New leaflet available in summer 2019 Move-over law: adapt your driving leaflet.

Web banner

French-language banner posted online from April 22 to May 12, 2019 Adaptez votre conduite banner.


French-language billboard installed on the side of Québec roads and highways during the summer of 2019 Corridor de sécurité: adaptez votre conduite billboard.

Video Clips

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