Awareness Campaigns

Move-Over Law 2017

“Obey the move-over law everywhere on the road network”

This awareness campaign reminds drivers to obey the Move-Over Law and create a buffer lane everywhere, whether on highways, rural roads or city streets.

Useful information

Obeying the Move-Over Law—It’s Mandatory

Failing to comply with the Move-Over Law, whether when passing emergency vehicles, surveillance vehicles or tow trucks, can lead to a fine of $200 to $300 and 4 demerit points on the driver’s record.

Web banner

French-language banner posted online and on social media from May 29 to June 4 and from August  4 to August 27, 2017Banner Respectez le corridor de sécurité partout sur le réseau routier.


French-language message published in municipal bulletins during spring and summer 2017Respectez le corridor de sécurité partout sur le réseau routier message Illustration of a two-lane road on which a vehicle is moving into the oncoming lane in order to avoid the police officer on the shoulder