Awareness Campaigns

2020 Cyclists Campaign

“On a Bicycle, Respect Others’ Space.”

The 2020 campaign – On a Bicycle, Respect Others’ Space. – aims to remind cyclists to keep a safe distance from other road users, in the interest of both road safety and public health.

Reminder of Best Practices

  • Signal your intentions
  • Obey traffic rules and road signs
  • Cross at intersections
  • Check traffic before crossing
  • Always be visible and predictable
  • Always travel in the same direction as traffic


French-language panels placed on the outside of Montréal city buses from July 20 to August 16, 2020


French-language banners posted online from July 20 to August 16, 2020


French-language animated GIF posted on Facebook from July 20 to August 16, 2020À vélo, on respecte la bulle des autres animated GIF

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