Awareness Campaigns

2018-2019 Winter Driving Campaign

"In winter, adapt your driving."

In winter, drivers must adapt their driving to weather and road conditions.

The 2018-2019 campaign—whose theme is “In winter, adapt your driving.”—encourages drivers to slow down, keep safe distances and, especially, adapt their driving at all times, because weather and road conditions can change quickly.

Careful, winter can catch you by surprise!

In winter, weather and road conditions can change quickly, be difficult and catch you off guard—for example, black ice on the roadway. When it is nice out, drivers sometimes tend to drive faster, thereby increasing the risk of being involved in an accident. It’s therefore important to drive carefully at all times.


French-language poster displayed in men’s public washrooms (arenas, bars, sliding centres, restaurants, ski resorts) from January 21 to March 17, 2019

Poster L’hiver, adaptez votre conduite

Web Banner

Banner posted online, in French only, from January 21 to March 3, 2019

Banner L’hiver adaptez votre conduite


French-language billboard placed along Québec roads and highways during winter of 2019

Adaptez votre conduite billboard

Video Clips


Illustrations posted on Facebook between February 22 and March 11, 2019

Déneige ton char. (Clear off your car.)

Illustration of a vehicle seen from the front, with an enormous pile of snow on its roof. Text appears saying: Déneige ton char.

Tasse toé! J’fais ça pour toé! (“Out of the way!” “I’m working for you!”)

Illustration of two vehicles: a car and a snow plow. Text appears saying: Tasse toé. J’fais ça pour toé.

Coller dans l’derrière... ça sert à rien. (Tailgating gets you nowhere.)

Illustration of two cars that have collided. Text appears saying: Coller dans l’derrière… ça sert à rien.

Ralentir, ça peut « sauver » du temps. (Slowing down can save you time.)

 Illustration of a car stuck in the snow. Text appears saying: Ralentir, ça peut sauver du temps.