Awareness Campaigns

2016 Child Safety Campaign

“Did you see me?”

Theme and Target Groups

«Did you see me?» poster from the school bus transportation safety campaign 2016The SAAQ has joined forces with the Bus Carriers Federation to launch the 28th edition of the school bus transportation safety campaign from February 1 to February 12, 2016, under the theme of “Did you see me?”

The campaign targeted two groups:

  • road users;
  • children between the ages of 5 and 12.

The slogan “Did you see me?” reminds road users of the importance of obeying road signs and traffic signals and watching out for school buses, which make many stops along their route.

This slogan is also a message to school children to make sure the driver sees them at all times, especially when crossing the road and getting on or off a school bus.

Teaching material

Each teacher will receive the new edition of the third book in the Bubusse series, entitled Sam and Bloop Go Ice Fishing, an activity sheet, and a poster for classroom activities.

TV, radio and Web ads, an information sheet, pins, posters, and the microsite (French only) will also be made available to promote the campaign.

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