Awareness Campaigns

2009 Cyclists Campaign

Bicycle safety

To promote bicycle safety, the 2009 campaign featured awareness-raising actions and activities in cooperation with our partners.

The SAAQ, working with police officers and Vélo-Sécur patrollers

In May and June 2009, police officers and Vélo-Sécur patrollers rode along bicycle paths to raise awareness among cyclists about the importance of wearing a helmet and obeying safety rules.

To assist them in their efforts, they were given the Safe Cycling Guide (PDF, 1.2 Mo) and an information leaflet.

Les énigmes de Génivélo: a kit for young cyclists aged 7 to 12

A kit entitled Les énigmes de Génivélo was provided to police officers free of charge for their awareness activities with children aged 7 to 12.