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Motorcycle Refresher Course

A refresher course is offered to motorcyclists as part of an evaluation program. If you are interested and you register, course fees will be reimbursed.

If you have recently obtained your motorcycle driver’s licence or have little driving experience, if you are back to riding your motorcycle after a few years off, if you have just purchased a new motorcycle, or if you simply want to boost your confidence, this course is for you!

The 4-hour refresher course will help you adopt safe behaviours and better spot potential hazards. It will also allow you to refresh your skills and driving techniques by performing exercises focussing on controlling your motorcycle, including slowing down, counterbalancing, emergency braking and taking curves.

This course is offered as part of an evaluation program to assess its short- and medium-term impact on improving participants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours, as well as on the road safety record. Motorcyclists who benefit from the course over the next season will be called upon to contribute to the evaluation program.

During the 2022 season, up to 1 000 people may take advantage of the course and receive the reimbursement awarded for participating in the evaluation program. 

What Does the Evaluation Involve for Participants?

Motorcyclists who consent to participate in the evaluation will be asked to complete a number of questionnaires, both before and after the course. The questionnaires will help assess their knowledge and driving behaviours.

Participants will also have to consent to submitting their driving record to the research team. This information will provide data regarding accidents in which participants have been involved (SAAQ data) during the last two years. The research team may also follow up with the participants’ records to see whether they are involved in any accidents in the two years following their participation in the refresher course.

All information will be gathered anonymously and remain strictly confidential. It will be used exclusively for the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of overall results in the exchange and working committees and scientific and professional forums and to improve the program offered.

How does it work?

  • Register for the 4-hour course on the website of Moto Pro FMQ (in French only), the only organization to offer the course as part of the evaluation program.
  • Pay the $125 fee upon registration to reserve your spot.
  • Consent to participating in the evaluation program and cooperating with the research team.
  • Take the 4-hour course.
  • Once you have completed the course, the SAAQ will reimburse you without delay through Moto Pro FMQ.
  • The course fees will be reimbursed only to those who attend the course.

To participate in the course

  • You must hold a motorcycle driver’s licence.
  • You must use a two-wheel motorcycle. Three-wheel motorcycles and mopeds or motorized scooters are not covered by the refresher course.
  • Your motorcycle must be registered and in good condition. It must not have any leaks and tire wear must be reasonable.
  • You must wear protective gear, including a helmet that complies with standards, a jacket designed for motorcycle riding, gloves, long pants and boots.

The course will take place rain or shine.

Hurry, places are limited!

Last update: March 24, 2022